We'll Have You Back at Work in No Time

Choose us for functional capacity evaluations in Casper, WY serving Mills, WY

If you were injured at your work place recently, turn to 307 Physical Therapy for rehabilitation services. We take workers' comp and perform functional capacity evaluations. We'll make sure you can handle all your job requirements before you head back to work. If you have a job in manual labor, we'll simulate that same activity to prepare you for your typical daily routine.

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Make sure your new employee is ready for work

When you're running a business that requires manual labor, light lifting, heavy lifting or strenuous activity, you deserve to know how physically adapted your employees are. Instead of hiring someone that physically cannot handle the work requirements, schedule a pre-employment screening at 307 Physical Therapy.

We'll make sure your potential new team member can tackle all the physical responsibilities successfully. We also offer functional capacity evaluations in case someone gets hurt on the job. Contact our team today to schedule an appointment.