Regain Mobility After Surgery With Physical Therapy

We offer post-surgical rehab in Casper, WY, just outside of Mills, WY

No one enjoys getting surgery, but sometimes it's unavoidable. Instead of trying to recover on your own, turn to a licensed physical therapist to help you get back on your feet safely. 307 Physical Therapy can help you rehabilitate after your surgery so you can heal without potentially injuring yourself further.

Our skilled professionals can use post-surgical rehab techniques following almost any orthopedic surgery. We have a hand therapist on staff who specializes in rehabilitating upper extremities.

Whether you had a minor or major surgery recently, you can trust our team to get you back to feeling your best. To learn more about our post-surgical rehab program in Casper, WY, call 307-337-1740 now.

Recover from any type of surgery

After surgery, your body is aching, bruised and swollen. Our hand therapist and team of certified physical therapists are committed to helping you heal the right way.

We'll help you regain movement, decrease inflammation and strengthen your muscles. If you've had...

  • Shoulder rotator cuff or total replacement surgery
  • Knee arthroscopic repair or total replacement surgery
  • Total hip replacement surgery
  • Ankle reconstruction surgery
  • Cervical or lumbar surgery
  • Hand surgery our team today to schedule a post-surgical rehab appointment.