Hand Therapy Services at 307 PT

307 Physical Therapy has licensed occupational therapist that can assist with complex post surgical hand injuries. Our occupational therapist has 12 years of experience will help guide you through a personal treatment plan that will address pain, stiffness, swelling, weakness. You will receive hands on treatment that will help you to regain strength, sensation, range of motion and dexterity, in order to help you accomplish tasks in your everyday life. 307 Physical Therapy also recommends adaptive equipment or work modifications so that you can participate in your meaningful daily activities.

Specialized treatment by a trained hand therapist will help patients accomplish tasks that will enhance their everyday life, and help modify their living and work environments to minimize limitations and much more.

Conditions for arm and hand rehabilitation:
• Injury to the shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand
• Shoulder pathology
• Fractures
• Tendonitis/overuse injuries
• Trauma/crush injuries
• Arthritis
• Nerve compression/carpal tunnel syndrome
• Tendon repairs
• Trigger finger
• Dupuytren's disease
• Amputations

Treatments of Hand Therapy:
• Orthosis fabrication/Splinting
• Wound and scar management
• Thermal/Non-thermal modalities
• Range of Motion
• Muscle strengthening/therapeutic exercise
• Ergonomic education
• Edema/lymphedema management
• Manual therapy
• Individualized home programs
• Activity modification
• Other evaluation and treatments

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